Talisman Stacking Project

This project responds to research conducted in conjunction with the William Morris Society Archive as part of a wider project with The Storybox Collective. By unravelling the wealth within the archive the artists unearthed patterns and notions that led them to question how 21st century technology is altering an individuals sense of place. A moment of inspiration came from Morris’s translations of Icelandic Sagas when May Morris, his daughter, wrote that ‘something deeply rooted in [him] found the world of the North familiar’, tethering him to Celtic and Pagan folklore and their grounding in nature. Both artists, being of Welsh heritage, identify with the premise of being tethered to a place. The Welsh word ‘Hiraeth’, having no direct translation in English, expresses a deep longing for home and a nostalgia for something lost that cannot be reclaimed. Emerging technologies are igniting global conversations, uniting cultural narratives across the earth. For the artists rituals and conventions are now being both subverted and re-realised through globalisation, enabling humankind to become evermore enfolded. Our lives are now the product of shared experiences, transcending both digital and geographical boundaries.  
The Talisman Stacking Project invites participants to explore the social and environmental possibilities of open source online repositories. It was born from a desire to re-ground participants’ sense of place and tap into unique shared nostalgias to create an open resource. It is a bank of digital, modular artefact templates that can be downloaded, uploaded and 3D printed, enabling users to create personalised totemic structures. This project celebrates the idea that technology can be a tool to liberate an individuals creativity or accelerate craft skills whilst having positive social impact.   
We invite you to reconnect with a place, moment, story or history that has imprinted upon you and left it’s residue on you and then to interpret those moments in the form of a Talisman, a guardian, spirit guide or charm. We would like you to contribute by creating an object that becomes your protector and connects you to your environments by paying homage to your personal geographies, histories, heritage and identity.